how many laps in a standard sized pool would 200 meters be?

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  • if its olympic size(long course meters) it would by 4 lengths. if its a 25m pool(short course meters) it would be 8 lengths.

    i avoided using the word laps since there tends to be confusion with it being either 1 or 2 lengths even though most coaches and dictionaries agree a lap in a pool is one length

    lap definition:

    One length is one lap. Webster’s II New College Dictionary gives this definition in regard to swimming pools: "2.b. One complete length of a straight course, as in a swimming pool."

    one course around a racetrack is one lap, which is the length of the track. it just happens to be curved.

    Longman dictionary of contemporary english

    Lap3 American English a single journey from one end of a swimming pool to another

    do/run/swim a lap

    1. one circuit of track: a single circuit of a racetrack or running track or one length of a swimming pool

    b. One complete length of a straight course, as of a swimming pool.

    the offical USAswimming website defines one lap as one length. but also points out that sometimes people may mean two, like i said before.

    example: distance races use lap counters, these counters are incremented by two every 2 lengths of the pool. so they count 20 laps in a 500.

    14/15 of my past coaches used this definition, the other one was a terrible coach anyway

    -next time read through all definitions not the first one. all of these definitions are specific to swimming and clearly define lap

  • Which size of standard-sized pool is it? In an Olympic size, it would be two laps (or four lengths).

        • "Lap" definition *

    I can’t find any support for a length being the same as a lap. says "— n 1. one circuit of a racecourse or track" Seems to imply it is two lengths.

    Merriam-Webster say "noun date: 1800 4 a : the act or an instance of traversing a course (as a racing track or swimming pool)" So it seems they’ve avoided being clear.

    Wictionary says "(sports) One circuit around a race track, or one traversal down and then back the length of a pool"

    What source says a length is the same as a lap?

  • There is no “standard sized” pool. They all vary based off of where they are placed. Your best bet would be to just go and and measure your pool and do the math to figure it out. 200 divided by how many ever meters the pool is one way.

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