How many liters is a handle of vodka?

5 Answers

  • A handle is 1.75 liters

  • Handle Of Vodka

  • A handle of vodka will give you and four of your buddies (that’s five people) 6.7 shots each.”

    33.5 shots of vodka in a handle.

    A handle of vodka, or any liquor usually refers to a 1.75 Liter bottle. Vodka is usually 80 proof, so it contains 40% alcohol. You can compare the bottle size to a fifth, which is .75 Liters


    these prices are from my liquor store in socal these are also for liters. smirnoff: 21.99 skyy: 24.99 cheapest takka vodka: 13.99 have no heard of svedka?

  • 1.75

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