How many Margarita’s does it take to get Drunk?

7 Answers


  • 12

    Source(s): Experience
  • That depends on the type of tequila used (alcohol content), how many ounces of tequila per drink, your weight and your tolerance for alcohol. Tequila is pretty potent stuff.

  • depends on your thresh hold for alcohol, since its a sweet drink u cant really feel the booze and thats how you get drunk easier. for me it takes about 4-5…but it varies

  • It depends on the BOOZER your drinking with.Some people can down one right after another,some people two and their on the floor.Different people have a different tolerance for alcohol.Don’t forget alcohol kills brain cells,do you have some to spare?

  • One..!




    ..There’s your answer, tootsie roll pop style xD

  • I’ll have to say idk 10 timez why are you drinking some? if you are then you’re dead!

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