how many MB make 20GB?

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  • 1024 mb = 1 gb

    1024mb x 20 = 20480

    20480 ÷ 20 = 1024

    For help in the future… you can use this Conversion of Measurement…

  • 20gb To Mb

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    how many MB make 20GB?

  • 20 Gb To Mb


    You may be able to install it and run it, but believe me, you won’t like it! Even if it’s just for using the internet. If your laptop came with a 20GB hard drive, chances are it will take 512MB to 1GB of RAM. Put at least 256MB in it. Otherwise it will be a painful experience and not worth it

  • In the future just Google “20GB to MB”. You can do just about any conversion that way. You can also do simple math.

  • We assume that, 1024mb is equall to 1gb

    So 1024 x 20 = 20480mb

  • 20GB is 20480 MB

    that’s my monthly download allowance for my broadband that’s how I know.

  • let me explain it further. many users upon buying a certain gigabyte hard disk are surprised when after they plug the device into their PCs, the drive reports a much lower capacity. for most 20 gig hard drives, it will only be reported around 18 – 19 gig. this is due to the discrepancy on how a gig is calculated.

    the basic unit here is byte. so for a hard drive manufacturer where the ratio is 1:1000, 1 kilobyte equates to 1000 bytes and so on. however, your pc will read 1 kilobyte as 1024 bytes. thus when computing large numbers, a 20 gigabyte will equate to 20,000,000,000 bytes for the hd manufacturer but actually only about 18.63 gigabyte for the computer.

  • 20 GB = 17179.869184 MB

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