how many minutes of walking equals 1 mile?

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  • It depends on how fast you are walking. If you walk 3 miles per hour, then you would need 20 minutes to cover 1 mile. (60 divided by miles per hour = minutes to walk 1 mile)

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    how many minutes of walking equals 1 mile?

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  • Timed myself at 125 steps per minute. I figure that’s just over 3 miles/hour. I’m a new walker and a 76 yr.old woman. That speed seemed pretty good, I think. I go out early evening for 20/25 minutes Any comments?.

  • The easiest way to gauge your speed without wearing a pedometer — or getting in your car and measuring mileage, which can be pretty difficult unless you walk along a street — is to count your number of steps per minute. The experts use this number to calculate pace, based on an average stride length of 2 and 1/2 feet. (Stride length is the distance from the heel of one foot to the heel of the other foot when you’re taking a step.) They’ve already done the math for you.

    * 70 steps per minute equals 30 minutes per mile, or 2 miles per hour.

    * 105 steps per minute equals 20 minutes per mile, or 3 miles per hour.

    * 140 steps per minute equals 15 minutes per mile, or 4 miles per hour.

    If you pay attention to your steps, after a while, you’ll be able to estimate your pace fairly accurately without bothering to count. You’ll just know what a 20-minute mile or a 15-minute mile feels like.

  • The average walking speed for a woman is 3 mph. A one mile walk for her will therefore take 1/3 of an hour, or 20 minutes.

    For a man, the walking speed is 3.5 mph. A one mile walk for him will therefore take 60/3.5 or 17 minutes (rounded).

    The average figures of 3 mph and 3.5 mph for a woman and a man, respectively, take into account the average changes in the incline (slope) of the distance traveled and are not based on a continually rising slope like that in mountain climbing.

  • For all those saying that a “normal” walking speed is 15 minutes/mile, I suggest you go out to your local HS track and try to walk 4 laps in 15 minutes. It ain’t easy!

    A more normal pace is 20 minutes/ mile and that’s fairly brisk.

  • 1 mile on flat ground takes about 20 to 30 min to walk.

    Uphill will take longer


    You will have to walk up and down the stairs 1056 times to walk 3 miles or up the stairs 528 times and down the stairs for 528 times. The calculation is based on your statement that there are 15 stairs. It will take you a long time to walk up and down the stairs. Were you to walk at 2 miles an hour while walking up and down the stairs it will take you 1.5 hours to do all the walking. Were you to just walk for 1 mile you will have to walk up and down the stairs 352 times or up the stairs for 176 times and down the stairs for 176 times which will take you 30 minutes. The time may change were you to have to take a break, which you will need to do after you have gone up and down for the first 100 times as it will tire you because your muscles are not used to doing that type of exercise. This is a good exercise and were you to keep it up, you will get fit and your legs will get muscles on them. Happy walking and I wish you a happy new year.

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