How many ounces do I need to fit a 5lb bag of flour?

So I went shopping with my Grandma to find her a new canister set so she could have a canister that fit 5lb of flour. So being forgetful of the difference between weight and volume I attempted to convert lbs to ounces. That obviously doesn’t work since I realized this when I got home that the flour does not fit.

So I was wondering how big of a canister I would need to fit this.

80oz is not correct!

Ounces is a volume when pounds is a weight.

Weight does not equal volume!

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  • Ever notice that there is a small amount of space between the top of the flour and the top of the unoƿє-ṅєd bag a flour. This is due to settling during shipping.

    Buying a canister that says it will hold 5 lbs. of flour rarely takes into account that when you pour the flour into the canister it gains air and still leaves an amount in the bag.

    Maybe you might consider buying 4 lb. bags of flour so the entire amount will fit in the canister.

  • A pint a pound the word around. Well, for water at least. There are eight pints in a gallon. Five pounds of flour will fit into a gallon container. Does that compute? OK, magic sword, the question was how big a container it would take to fit 5# of flour. Since there at least 16 cups of flour in every 5# bag. You must be truly ‘magic’ if you can put 16 cups in an 80 oz container. And shame on any who gave an approval rating for that lame, erroneous answer.

  • 5 Lb Flour Container

  • 16 ounces to the pound

    16 x 5 = 80 ounces

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