How many people can play in 1 bowling game?

I was thinking it was 5 people that could be in one lane playing…

i feel so stupid for asking this question but i honestly don’t know.

Thank you so much keri!!

Thanks for telling me guys

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  • The scoring machines at most bowling centers will allow for up to six people per lane, per game…or 12 per “pair” of lanes, allow me to explain:

    Bowling alleys are set up in “pairs” of lanes with two lanes sharing a ball return, so North American league and tournament bowling has bowlers take turns bowling on each lane; one frame on the left, one frame on the right, and so forth. Your bowling center can set this up for you, so you can actually have twelve people taking part in a game, using TWO lanes instead of one. Ask them to have you switch lanes for each frame, league-style, especially if you have more than six people.

    Even if you have fewer people, using two lanes can be a good idea, it keeps things moving faster. Might not be a great idea if the center is crowded, though; that leaves fewer lanes available for everyone else. Still, when a center is empty, I’ll often take a pair even when bowling alone; I figure it keeps the lane oil condition consistent on the two lanes.

    So, per lane, it’s generally six. Per PAIR of lanes, it’s generally twelve. Of course, it can get a bit crowded, but hey, you’re probably all friends anyway, so it’s all good.

    Does this make sense? If you want me to clear something up, let me know.

  • It matters on the bowling center. The one I work at, the lanes can fit about 10 people. Makes for a very cramped lane lol. But with leagues it matters on what type, most bowl with 3-4 players. The one i’m on is 2 girls and 2 guys

  • Most bowling leagues have 5 person teams. That means there usually 10 people on a pair of lanes and very little room for more. I used to work at a bowling alley in Ft. Lauderdale, and we had kids’ birthday parties where there would sometimes be TWELVE kids crammed into that little space.

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