How many people in cars have been killed by people on bicycles and why are cyclists the worst?

6 Answers

  • Ask again with cycle rats pay vehicle tax, have some means of identification, have insurance and actually read and obey the Highway Code. Till then the more that get squashed the better

  • Probably most people in cars who have been killed by cyclists were murdered after they really pissed off the cyclist in some unforgivable way.

  • Why are cyclists the worst what?

  • As the headline reads, “RIP Yahoo Answers: It Died As It Lived, Needlessly And Stupidly”.  People like you are the number one reason.  You’re both needless & stupid.…

  • Don’t you have this bass ackwards?  You didn’t provide a single piece of evidence supporting your outlandish theory.  Meanwhile…studies around the world have proven just the opposite.  Here’s two from Forbes alone.  Choke on it.……

  • Common sense if you had any would tell you more cyclist have been killed by cars than the other way around. The majority of cyclist fatalities is due to motorists coming closer than 3 feet to a cyclist.

    As for road users there’s far more tickets issued to motorists than cyclist. It’s simple math there’s far more motorists than cyclist.

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