How many people will one box of Hamburger Helper feed?

I want to cook some tonight. I have 6 people to cook for including myself. Will one box work, or should I buy more?

2 adults, 3 teens, 1 kid

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  • One box feeds four people – two adults and two children (not teens) so you should get at least one, if not two, more boxes and mix in some frozen or canned veggies to help stretch it – peas, corn or mixed veggies are good additions. You can also add some extra noodles, just increase the liquid a tad to account for it.

  • A serving size of Hamb. Helper is typically 1 cup prepared, each box when made will make about 5 servings, but that really depends on which flavor you choose. (I was looking on Salisbury). When I make hamb. helper, I always use two boxes, and 1 1/2 pounds of burger. That’s to feed 4 adults with a guarantee that there is some left over for lunch the next day. I usually add frozen peas an carrots to it too, to help boost the nutritional value, and make a separate side veggie or salad. IN my house, I am the only one who is conscience of what a serving size is, so I measure all my food, except fruits and veggies. That’s my diet plan. I refuse to restrict myself from things that I like. Sometimes, depending on how bad for me the food is, I will even give myself a smaller serving than what the label says. I do that with ice cream.

  • Even though Hamburger Helper says it will feed 4 people, they consider 4 adults or children that aren’t yet teens. A teenager could eat the whole box themselves. My hubby and son when he was a teenager knocked off a whole box by themselves once night when I was out of town and they weren’t fat people (still aren’t).

    So you will definitely need at least 2 boxes and with 3 teens might even go with 3. Teens love the saltiness of the Hamburger Helper.

  • Hamburger Serving Size

  • Hamburger Helper fed my 5 person family including my 18 year old brother and dad with at least a serving or two of leftovers so that should work fine. Add some veggies and a loaf of garlic bread for a complete meal that will stretch.

  • Oof, 3 teens? I’d go with at least 3 boxes. Seriously. My husband can easily 2/3 of a box leaving me with 1/3. Factor in teens, and that’ll take a couple more boxes.

  • You should buy2 boxes, 1 box will feed 4 people

  • well how many are kids.???

    one box should feed 4 adults with side dishes of veggies bread or biscuits. and/or soup and salad

    you might fix extra pasta or some rice to put the helper on

    or a brown gravy

  • i usually cook some pasta seperatly , and add that later on to the mix you have made, else it won’t be enough, one box really is almost enough for two healthy eating adults

    so either make two boxes, two flavours could be fun as well and make a nice filling salad to go withit and some garlic bread, that is filling too and easy to make

    enjoy your dinner party

  • I would buy at least one more, but you probably need 3 boxes total.

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