how many pints of beer would equal a shot of jack daniels?

if the beer is 4.5% and jack daniels many J.D’s would equal a pint of beer?

6 Answers

  • the rule of thumb is that a bottle of beer (12 oz) is equal to a shot of liquor is equal to a glass of wine (6 oz) in terms of alcohol content.

  • Jack Daniels 6 Pack

  • Typically, 12 oz (one bottle) of beer has the same amount of alcohol as one oz. of 80 proof liquor. That is also the amount of alcohol in a 6 oz glass of wine. While some beers are stronger, and wines vary considerably, that is a “rule of thumb” that works.

    A pint (16 oz) of beer would be about the same as 1 1/3 oz of liquor.

  • a little more than 1 shot if it is a 16 oz pint glass

  • One pint of 4.5 beer is exactly 0.72oz of alcohol.

    One ounce of Jack is exactly 0.4oz of alcohol.


    One shot Jack = exactly 0.556 pints of 4.5 beer

    One pint of 4.5 beer = 1.8 shots of Jack

    unless its a 2 ounce shot glass…

  • hmm.. I am not real sure

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