How many sentence should a brief chapter summary be?

Because some of mine are half a page while others a two pages. Is this too much? I mean, I wanted to be detailed so the teacher would know I actually read the book. But I also hope I don’t get a bad grade for doing this?

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  • Most teacher give you extra credit for doing extra work. It it is worrying you though try to narrow them down to a half a page or a full page.

  • 5 to 10

  • Those are too long. A brief chapter summary should be about a paragraph long, so anywhere from 5-8 sentences should be good. Just cover the main points of the plot in the story, don’t include too many details. Remember, it’s suppose to be brief.

  • As a former teacher, I’ll tell you this:

    Introduction sentence and a conclusion sentence.

    Enough sentences in between to show the teacher the main “Theme” or Main idea(s) of the chapter.

    A few sentences showing why you feel the “Theme” was the “theme” of the chapter.

    That should take you anywhere from 7 to 20 some sentences- or half a page.



  • Usually, the teacher has already read the book and does not need to know every minute detail. A chapter summary should be anywhere from 5-10 sentences with enough detail to prove that you read and understood the book.

  • 7 to 10

  • It depends on how small or eventful the chapter is, but I would write closer to one page, but more is acceptable, just never less than half. Just make sure you thoroughly describe what you mean, but don’t ramble on and on.

  • i would do 3 paragraphs that is what i do and i do pretty good just put a lot of detail.. i would also maybe do 4 paragraphs

  • one paragraph, so 6-14 sentences. Don’t make it too long or the reader will get bored.

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