How many timing chains does the 97 BMW Z3 1.9 have?

4 Answers

  •  I LOVE The Z3 roadster!!! BE SURE to use ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO oil to get a WARRANTy out to 500,000 miles It is MADE from NATURAL GAS and the WARRANTY is UNREAL And IS real! OTHER GENUINE BMW approived oils are LIQUI MOLY from Germany, TOTAL ERNGY OIL fro FRANCE() but REFINED HERE) AMSOIl for EUROPEAN engiens, and RAVENOL< and the orignal FILL OIL Is from PENTOSIN! NEVER use OTEHR OILS or FLUIDS in ANY EURO CAR! I ONLYUse EUREOPAN gradeTRANS FLUID for ANY CAR!   

  • One chain.                    

  • It has one long timing chain that snakes all through the gears

  • 1                     

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