How many Weight Watchers points are in a serving of Cheez-its?

4 Answers

  • One serving of Cheez-Its (27 crackers) is about 3.75 points, but I would just round down to 3. Good luck with your diet, but don’t forget to include plenty of exercise!

  • Nabisco Cheez Its

  • I disagree, Cheese Crackers are great low POINTS snack for you!

    Cheese Cracker POINTS:

    Crackers, cheese squares, mini, reduced fat 1oz = 3 POINTS

    Crackers, squares, minis , regular 1oz. = 3 POINTS

    Nabisco cheese nip crackers w/ real cheese 1 package = 3 POINTS

    Kraft cheese nip real cheese crackers 1package = 5POINTS

    Kraft cheese nip big crackers = 3 POINTS

  • Don’t eat Cheez-Its on a damn diet.

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