how much alcohol is in four loco malt liquor drinks?

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  • Enough to make you pass out dude. Each drink is 12% alcohol + a hefty dose of caffeine. The average beer has around 5% alcohol.

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    how much alcohol is in four loco malt liquor drinks?

  • Depending on where you live they can either be 11% or 12% but for the most pasrt 12% IS THE PERCENTAGE IVE SEEN THE MOST OFTEN.

    Anybody who compares Four Loko to any other liquor ONLY by Alcohol percentage is WRONG!!!! U have to understand that YES, the average beer is 5% but that 5% of alcohol is mixed with other ingredients (mainly water) and put into a 12 oz can or bottle. A Four Loko, with it being 12% alcohol, in a 24 oz can, and mixed with energy supplements, (THROUGH BASIC MATH)….

    1 Four Loko = 4.8 shots of ur standard 80 proof vodka, or 4.8 bottles/cans of ur average beer, or 4.8 glasses of ur avergae wine…

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  • Four Locos has 11% alcohol for each loco, has that great fruit punch taste, what more could you ask for in an energy drink?

  • four locos has 12%

    max has 12%

    joose… ranges from 9% – 12%

    tilt has 8%

    sparks…. ranges from 6%- 8%

    hope this helpd. i never liked beer so i alway drank the flavord malt beverages. and of course the hard stuff. MOST OF THE TIME. 🙂

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