how much cocaine 300 nl/ml?

seriously how much is that? a six panel drug test can pick up as little as 300 ng/ml of cocaine. now i need to know if thats a line or as little as a crumb. please. and yes i know its a stupid thing to do…i dont need to hear it from you. if thats all your going to do is tell me how stuoid it is and not give me a seriouse answer i will report you. i dont have the time for it. and idt i want you to tell me you dont know either. if you dont know then dont answer. its that simple.

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  • It’s a crumb, 1/20 of a line, whatever. But cocaine will get out of your system in about one-three days opposed to marijuana which absorbs in your system and lasts a long time. If you’re taking a drug test you may even be okay within 12 hours. But if it’s an important leave it alone for three days a least and you’ll be fine. As long as it’s a spit swap or urinalyses. Hair test and you will be screwed

  • Nanogram per mililiter.

    Essentially means, if you used cocaine in the last 6 months, your busted.

    Of course, I dont know the oxidation rate for cocaine, so I cant tell how long it will take to go through your body.

    I gave you an answer without insulting you, dont worry, everyone has problems.

    Nanogram: 10 to the power of -9 grams, so essentially, like cutting a single bit of coke nine times.







    and it goes on.

  • i imagine cocaine. seeing that it really is problem-free to bypass out and do suff. With Heroine, you purely lay there 0.5 lifeless. nonetheless strong to sense numb though, yet an complete life furnish of coke might want to inspire me to do issues i does no longer typically do. as far because the extremely question is going though, cocaine isn’t one in each and every of Clapton’s more advantageous efficient songs and that i’m too busy observing American Gangster right now to envision out Velvet Underground. honest adequate?

  • that is 300 billionths of a gram in 1 cubic centimeter

  • That’s stuoid.

  • sounds like a “bump” to me.

    all in all, it only stays in your system for a few days. if you did it say, last week, then it should already be out of your system.

  • Thats about one gram of it…Don’t ask how I know

  • not enough to get me high

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