How much do pet owls cost and ?

I want an owl

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  • They cost zero dollars. They are wild and can’t be bought. You can “adopt” an owl. You can’t own him but you can pay for his food and water and maintenance…

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    How much do pet owls cost and ?

    I want an owl

  • How Much Are Owls


    Owning a Owl as a pet is illegal within the United States. Sorry, — PA

  • “pet owls” don’t exist, you can’t really turn an owl into a pet. You can imprint it, you can train it, but still, it won’t be a pet.

    It is illegal in Canada without a falconry permit.

    Beside, these birds are not interesting to keep as they feed on meat and will stink after a while. Also, you need to feed them whole preys and have them in a hudge flight in order to keep them healthy.

  • It is illegal to keep any wild native owl as a pet. If you live in the US they are all protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

  • If you live in the U.S. keeping a pet owl is illegal, they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Being in possession of one, or even any of it’s parts can get you fined or jailed. Owls would also not make suitable pets..they would be hard to care for, and it would be cruel to keep such a bird locked up in a cage. If you really like owls, why not see if there is a local wildlife rehab in your area that takes in owls, you might be able to volunteer there.

  • For one to own an owl. You must first be accepted to Hogwarts. You must also have friends to write you letters. And know a minimum of 5 magic spells

  • you can not have an owl for a pet they are illeagle so save yourself the time and trouble dont even try it

  • Owls are predatory birds. I don’t think you want one. It would be like having hawk.

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