how much does $500 in quarters weigh?

im interested!

4 Answers

  • According to the linked website a United States clad cupronickel quarter

    weighs 5.670 grams. $500 in quarters is of course 2000

    quarters so multiply 2000 by 5.67 grams to obtain

    11340 grams = 11.34 kilograms.

    According to googles online unit converter a kilogram is

    2.20462262 pounds so multiply that number by the kg to

    find its weight in our British customary units is almost exactly

    25 pounds

  • 2000 Quarters

  • assuming a quarter weighs 5.67 grams, and it take 2000 quarters to make 500 dollars, it would weigh 11340 grams, or around 25 pounds.

  • 1gram penny?

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