How much does a rough collie cost?

Im getting a collie but I was hoping I could get some info on how much a female, sable rough collie would cost?

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  • Getting a collie from a collie rescue would be the best way. They have already been evaluated, they have everything UTD on shots, etc., AND they have been neutered! I have 2 Aussies from the Aussie Rescue in my area. Love them! They could have been put down very easily. One spent a week at the local SPCA with no adoption and the other was considered ‘vicious’ by the last owner and was also slated to be put down. He is not vicious but he does have a nasty bark. I’ve owned both for 6 years with no problems.

  • A purebred female rough collie from a breeder would be almost 1,000 bucks. On the other hand from a pet shop i would say around 500$. Hope this helps.

  • Totally depends where you buy. A breeder is going to be pretty pricey…more than $500 at least. If you only want a pet try the shelter or rescue group. You can get one spayed with all vaccines for under $200.

  • I would look up your local Collie rescue site and see if they have what you are looking for. They usually do. Plus the cost will be a fraction of buying a puppy. Plus, you will be saving a life.

  • From a responsible breeder you can expect the price range to be anywhere from $800-$1,500 for a pet quality dog. $1,200 or more for a working or show quality dog. Color or gender should not affect pricing much, if at all.

    This does not include the cost of initial supplies, first vet check, or any regular fees such as for food, prevention medications, grooming, or vet care.

  • depends on where you get it

    $250 at out shelter

    call around and ask breeders


    i payed about 800 us dollars

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