How much does a shih tzu cost at PetSmart?

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  • PetSmart does not sell dogs. They support local adoption organizations.

    Please don’t buy your dog from a pet store. 99% of dogs from pet stores are from puppy mills. Puppy mills are horrible places that mistreat the dogs.

    Also millions of shelter dogs (young and healthy) are put to death because they don’t have homes each year.

    Please consider adoption. An adoption fee is typically 100-250 dollars and usually includes shots and spay/neuter.

  • Petsmart is only rescue dogs, it’s more of an adoption fee. It is more affordable then buying directly from a breeder or anyone that just wants to sell a shih tzu. Definitely consider adoption.

  • i purchase a pure breed tzu about almost 20years ago at petsmart was 40.00 as i had one and wanted to have a playmate for my tzu. But! had to bring him back as another family with a little boy got him. He didnt (the dog) get along with my sammy.

    If you go to the adopt a pet or adoption sites alot are place at petsmarts in different areas and you can call up and ask about them. I got mine about 20 years ago from a breeder who had them at home pure breed for $50.00 or $75.00 he lived to 18 years old.

    My hubby brought home a lasa pure breed for a companion for my sammy and we had a surprise laverne and shirley then amos and andy gremelin and kiwala another one died a day old.

    They lived the mom to 16…then the other were 17 17 1/2 last year the last 2 were 18 and 18 1/2 best dogs to have.

    call petsmart also in your area and they can let you know when they will have dogs their

  • I’ve never been to a PetSmart where they’re selling dogs. I’ve only seen cats up for adoption. Look into your local shelter or a specific shih tzu rescue place.

    Prices are going to change depending on where you get it from, but in my opinion pet shops are WAY overpriced and usually have unhealthy dogs. Breeders prices differ depending on if they’re show quality or not, and rescues and shelters are going to be your cheapest options (plus the latter usually has shots and neuter/spay included in the adoption price).

  • Does Petsmart sell puppies?

    None of the ones I’ve ever been in have sold puppies or kittens.

    However, my local Petsmart does adopt out dogs and cats. In a case such as this the price is usually at the discretion of the shelter or rescue who are participating in the adoption "clinics".

  • petsmart does not sell puppies

    petsmart allows local shelters and rescues to display their adoptable dogs there. Petsmart has nothing to do with the adoption process.

    Price would depend on the adoption fee of the individual shelter or rescue.

  • hippy animal rights activists have harassed petsmart to the point that they chose to stop selling puppies. You can check your local classifieds to get a puppy at a decent price

  • Petsmart doesn’t sell dogs and cats. They have on Saturday people from humane societies bring dogs in to try and get adopted. They also have cats FROM humane societies trying to get them adopted. They do not carry dogs.

  • Petsmart advocates RESCUE dogs.

    They do not sell puppy milled crap.

  • PetsMart doesn’t sell pups!

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