How much does a single rose usually cost this time of year?

4 Answers

  • Are you talking about a bush or a cut rose. I saw cut roses at kroger yesterday for 2.99 each. the bush will be at least 20.00

  • It all depends on where you live and what type rose you want to buy, and where you buy it. Providing you are talking about a cut single long stem rose from a florist in the Northeast costs about $4-$5 each. Or for a cheaper cut rose you can buy at a grocery store can cost $1-$2 each. Now if you are talking about a single rose bush you would buy it for $4 or at a nursery from $12-$24 depending on the specie and type of rose. If you buy it on-line which is bare root for a variety of different type of roses they will cost $8. Bare root comes with just the roots packed with compost whereas the potted plants are in soil in an eco-friendly peat pot.

  • It all depends on where you are living and the kind of rose you want. It can be anywhere from $2 to $5 a rose.

  • I’ve seen them as cheap as 1 dollar, but I hear the best and freshest are the best, those are more expensive.

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