how much does an average Mcdonalds make in day?

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  • The average McDonald's worldwide has sales of $1,808 per day.

    This calculation is made as follows:

    (1) Worldwide gross revenue for McDonald's is $20,460 million dollars per year;

    (2) There are 31,000 McDonald's worldwide; and

    (3) There are 365 days per year.

    A simple arithmetic average is made as follows: ([$20,460,000,000 / 31,000] / 365) = $1,808.22.

    Hope this helps.

  • McDonald's claims to serve 47 million customers worldwide, daily. Presumably the answer to your question varies widely based upon location: I live in an extremely small town and there is a McDonald's (of course, smile.) I assume the McDonald's in Time Square sells many, many more times the hamburgers than the McDonald's in my small city

  • Not so fast Kevin.

    MCD reports what the franchise bought from McD corp, not what the franchises sold to the public.

    Cost of materials for a McD operator is between 20 and 25%, so multiply by 4 or 5. Sales of

    5 * 1800 = $9K per day, still sounds a bit low to me, but in the ballpark. Those are old numbers.

  • Tim is an idiot,

    The following numbers are from 2011 and have increase since then but here they are,

    average per unit sales 2.4 million dollars divide that by 365 days and you get 6575.34 per day

    chain wide sales of over 32 billion divided by 14027 units equals 2.4 million sales per unit a year.

    anyone who thinks your average McDonald's does only 1800 a day or 657,000 a year is a moron and should not be allowed to use a computer.

  • The same question comes up again

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