How much does cocaine cost (gram, ounce, pound)?

I need to do this for a brochure for health class and i cant get accurate information on how much cocaine would cost in the us/canada for a gram, ounce and pound

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  • The price varies depending on dealers. I’m a former cocaine user (not proud of it) so I’ll try my best to help you.

    a gram is usually between 20-60 dollars depending on quality of cocaine.

    an ounce is usually around 1,000-1,400 bucks. If you buy 1/8 of a gram, usually called “8ball”, it is usually around 120-150 bucks. If you buy 1/4 of a gram, it is usually 250-350 bucks.

    Obviously, a pound would cost a lot of money. I’m not sure how much a pound cost because I never carried it myself.

  • An 8 ball is 1/8 of an ounce not a gram it weighs 3 1/2 grams and runs about $125 to $150 a gram is around $50 $40 is a great deal 1/4 ounce is about $275 to $300 you get a about a gram free. The more you get the cheaper per gram it gets

  • OK y’all got some wide ranges of prices …. I find good for about 70 a gram (rare) … usually it’s about 80-85 for decent…. you always get those guys selling the stepped on cut **** for 100 outside bars everywhere….. never buy there they can cut it with whatever and **** you up good…lol just a public service announcement… anyways yeah find it from someone you know is the safest… but yeah a ball is 250 -300 depending half is half that lol… an ounce is 28 grams so it’ll be at least 2 large and if you don’t know the prices around you …. that’s all you need to know lol but it depends greatly on where you are … the farther south the cheaper it’ll be I hear though Brazil you can get it for like 10 bucks a gram…and Bolivia has a coke bar where they’ll serve you like a restaurant but the best to get it is apparently Costa Rica they sell it in the open on the beach cause they don’t have cops. yeah so hopefully that helps. oh and drugs are bad don’t do drugs

  • I paid $100 a gram in Toronto recently …I live in Vaughan. When I was a teen I remember it being $80 a gram but that was 6 years ago I don’t know if prices are different now I was shocked to learn it was $100 a gram… but I couldn’t complain at all about the $100 a gram I got recently it was very good.

  • June, I think he meant an 8 ball is 1/8 Ounce. 3.5 x 8 = 28 grams = 1 ounce

  • This may be covered but it’s more than I feel like reading right now… It depends on the area and availability mostly… And a little based on the quality… But drug users usually go for quantity over quality because a gram of coke that’s 35$ Is better than a gram for 60$ but if they know for sure it’s better they’ll spend more… Anyway, where I am from a twenty of coke it .4 grams and if you get a gram it’s 50 however some will do deals and it was 40 for a gram, 100 for an 8ball which is 3.5 grams( and eighth of an oz.) 175 to 200 for a quarter ounce) and beyond that the deals don’t compound… 400 for a half 800 for an oz… Until you get to pounds and kilos where a pound is usually at 10g’s (16 oz) instead of 12800$ and a kilo is usually 18000 instead of 20g’s or25600$… Hope this helps

  • I know this thread is a bit old- but my cynical self feels the NEED to comment!

    Hahaha! An 8ball is 1/8 of a GRAM! In what universe?!! 8ball = 3.5 GRAMS!! Omg… How did that response get voted ‘best’…?!! 1/8th of ANYthing isn’t worth messin’ with, according to SWIM!! Hah! Just silly. If someone out there is paying $20-$60 for ONE EIGHTH of a gram….SWIM says your dealer is totally playin’ you for a fool! Sorry- sad but true! Take care- check your measurements….

  • Cocaine Prices

  • Here in Montana, in consideration of how far north we in the United states, a single gram can run from 80-120 a gram. The blow we get has been stepped on so many times by the time we get it, it hardly even gets you high. Probably why everyone up here is addicted to meth!

  • Of course it always depends on location. But in Miami I get a gram for $50 a Ball for $150 and a half oz for $600

  • where I live its 60-80 for a gram, 180 to 250 for an 8ball which Is 3.5 grams, 300-450 for a quarter oz , 500-800 for oz, 1000-2500 for oz, its usually weighed in kg not pounds, a kg would be anywhere from 25000 to 70000

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