How much does Invisalign cost…?

If you only need to fix one tooth? My canine tooth grew in too high, and it’s pushed out a bit too far? How much do you think it would cost for only ONE tooth? Thanks! (:

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  • Even if it’s “only one tooth” their specialized process and expensive materials will be used to make a certain number of trays (depends on how far that one tooth needs to move as each tray can only move it a tiny bit at a time) that will cover all of your upper (or lower) teeth. Also, if your canine is too high and pushed out a bit too far – it’s possible your other teeth will need to be moved to make room to put that tooth in the correct place, so it might not be “only one tooth.” Furthermore, Invisalign is fairly limited in what it can do so you might not even be a candidate. All that being said, the minimum cost of just the trays that the dentist or orthodontist has to pay Invisalign to make the trays is something like $1800 for a very simple case, and just because it’s “only one tooth” you aren’t automatically a simple case – there is a lot involved in moving teeth through bone which is why it’s best left to a specialist and not a general dentist. You’ll have to add to that the other costs of treating you the dentist has (his time, paying for employees, lease, utilities, other materials and instruments he has to use, xrays, etc.) and then they get to make a little money too otherwise why be in business? Also take into account that costs are higher depending on where you live, so at cheapest, if you are even a good case for Invisalign, you might be looking at $4000-5000. Personally, I’d go for a free consult with a couple orthodontists to get a real answer to this question. You might find that traditional braces will be faster and do a better job too.

  • Invisalign For One Tooth


    Mine only cost 2100 but I had invisalign express, cuz I didn’t need them for long

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