How much horsepower is 208cc?


6 Answers

  • You can’t determine the hp from the displacement. Engines of the same displacement (208cc) make different amounts of horsepower.

  • 208 Cc Converted To Horsepower

  • Can tell simply by Cubic centimeters, we need to know the make and model, on today’s small engines manufacturers have stopped giving out the Horsepower ratings due to some discrepancies between what they calculated and what the SAE and independent testers noticed in their test (manufacturers would say engine horsepower is higher then it is then sell it). If you give use the make and model of the engine we can find the correct horsepower rating of it by looking at peoples independent tests and averaging it, also I have an Ariens with a 208cc LCT storm force engine (pretty recent 208cc) and it puts out between 4-5 hp.

  • airens 2008cc how much horsepower

  • Once again, look the model up you have and it will be listed. Otherwise nobody can tell you. CC don’t = horsepower. Is it turbo-ed, supercharged, running nitrous, ??? we have no idea, but we can guess around 5hp if its 4 stroke or 7 hp if its 2 stroke?? need more info…

  • divide by 6 and the answer should be 33cubic inches so the horse power about 18 to 25.. example is an 883 Sportster.. has 50to 58 hosepower!

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