How much is a “figure”, like in “four-figure salary”?

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  • it is the number that you make each year. (usually referred to a yearly salary, though not necessarily)

    a four figure salary would be $1000 (bc it has 4 numbers)

    6 figure $100000 or $200000, etc …

  • 4 Figures

  • Each digit in the salary is a "figure" (not counting the cents. A four figure salary would be 1,000 – 9,999 see? Four figures. 10,000 – 99,999 is a 5 figure salary. 100,000 – 999,999 is a 6 figure salary. 🙂

  • Figure, is like the number of digits in the amount. Like, a six figure salary is a range of 100 thousand dollars

  • They mean the number of digits.

    A four figure salaray would be anything from 1,000 dollars to 9,999 dollars. A 10,000 to 99,9999 dollar salary would be a five figure etc.

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    How much is a "figure", like in "four-figure salary"?

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  • Four figure salary is

    1,000 to 9,000

    Five figure salary is


    Six figure salary is


    Do you get it?

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  • That is a digit.

    $100,000 is six-figure income because there are six numbers.

    Never hear anyone say four-figure. That is below the poverty line.

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