how much is a small packet of jello pudding, in terms of measurement?

tablespoons, ounces, whatever....I need 1/4 of a packet for a recipe, but don't know how much to measure out... anyone know?

thank you, florence! I no longer had the box, just the envelope with the powder in it (long story)...

4 Answers

  • The small box of Jello pudding holds about 1/2 cup of mix, so you would need approximately 1/8 cup for your recipe.

    Source(s): I just measured a box for you.
  • It`s hard to tell you the answer. Is the Jello just used as an ingredient for flavor or a sugar addition and do you need a liquid with the powder. A small packet of Jello serves four when it is mixed with hot water. Jello does say how many ounces are contained in the package on the box. I just called up the image of a small box of Jello which contains 3 oz.

    Source(s): Images----- Internet Search Browser
  • about 6-8 ounces

    Source(s): just a guess
  • sorry! 🙁

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