How much is an ounce of dro?

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  • 28grams. cost depends on the quality and where u live. below 150 good, over 350 rip off…… what i hear.

  • Ounce Of Dro

  • As a machinist for 35 years, DRO means Digital Read Out. They aren’t sold by the ounce. In any event, this question doesn’t belong in this category. Go to doper sites to ask doper questions.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How much is an ounce of dro?

  • Mexico 3-0 Bolivia

  • Definitely depends on where your from, I’m from Philly I could grab one for $250. And weight wise it’s 28 grams. But not trying to put you down or anything, but you could definitely use that money for something that will still be around and not just burn way. Or if you really just want to smoke just buy an ounce of reggie and spend the rest on yourself, or a girl/guy or some new clothes or food, cuz you’ll definitely have the munchies lol.. This coming from an ex-pothead.


    I can get an ounce of the mush for like 3 bills. That’s like the decent amount.

  • Hydroponically ‘home’ grown Marijuana would cost more than Marijuana purchased at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, as it is supposed to be more potent. However, it’s also riskier and having possession of it may land the person in jail. Doesn’t seem worth it. There are no quotes as to illegally, home~grown “dro” on the web..and even Urban dictionary isn’t clear as to cost. The Medical Marijuana Dispensary personnel in the office building next door say they have no, I guess you have to ask around. Sorry.

  • i don’t know

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