how much is my 1698 bible worth?

How much is this old bible worth?


I have two old bibles that have been in the family for a long period of time, I wanted to know if they are worth anything.

One is dated 1698 Society for promoting christian knowledge and has red front cover (very large)

The other Bible is from 1885 called the holy bible containing the old and new testaments.

does anyone know if they are worth anything at all?

Thank you

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  • guessing $400…consult antiques dealer or keep it forever…wow sounds neat..

  • The SPCK was created in 1698 and is the third oldest publisher in the UK. They’re still in existence and still publish Bibles. What you have is probably one of their first run editions. Which means that it probably is worth anywhere from $200-300, or maybe, depending on how rare those bibles are, a couple thousand dollars…

    The 1885 one, on the other hand, probably is worth a couple of bucks… bibles are so common that only those that are extremely old or were specially published are actually worth much…

    Monetarily, anyway, I am one who would say that the text held within is worth much more than money, but you can get it just as much in a new $10 bible as in an antique bible…

  • all you can do is ask the professional. go to an antique shop or find one that will receive email. personally i think a 1698 bible is worth a little something. espeically if you can prove it was a different book and that modern bibles have been rewritten, a little or a lot. ask some museums too, while you are at it. i know one thing, there is an allegation that the english bible of the 16th or 15th century had a psalm # 45, which says jesus would marry a woman or a wife dressed in white and gold. but currently in most modern scriptures that word wife was edited to some other word.

  • The last sale of a complete 1450’s Gutenberg Bible took place in 1978. It fetched $2.2 million.

    Old bibles are common and much depends upon condition, printing details and family attachments. Note that the first Bible Printed in America was the 1685/1860 Eliot Indian Bible which goes for around $200,000 mint!

    You need to get these appraised and insured!

  • Family heirlooms like these are priceless. If you are intent on selling these bibles, rather than pass them on to a descendent family member; it is imperitive that you study the word of God before making a grievous mistake that is absolute and final.

    I also have a family bible from 1863, but this bible will always be in the family because throughout the four generations that have used this bible; care has been maintained to ensure the custodian is aware of the importance of preservation of an heirloom

  • God’s word, the Holy Bible, is worth more than anything.

  • Look online for Rare Book Dealer

    Then call them and ask. Ask several, not just one.

    And remember that for a final price, you would have to take it in to be looked at, to see what condition it’s in.

  • Priceless

  • If the Bible is new or old it is the word of God. Why would you sell Gods word? what is in your heart?

  • They could be worth eternity to you if you would read them and believe what they say and not how much money their worth.

  • You should contact a reputable auction house that handles rare books.

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