How much lemonaid and iced tea to make for 40-50 people?

I have two 3 gallon dispensers and am planning to fill one with iced tea and the other with pink lemon aid. I also am going to buy a few cases of water. How many gallons of tea and lemon aid should I make and how many cases of water should I buy (24 bottles per case). It's a 3 hour event with a bbq lunch and cake and punch afterwards.

cups are 16 oz

2 Answers

  • assuming everyone fills their cup 2-3 times, i would say about 6 gallons of iced tea and lemonade, but lemonade will probably be more popular. I would get 2 cases of water.

  • 3 gallons yields 384 oz which will give you 24-16oz servings. So for 50 people I would have 9 or so gallons for each dispenser which would allow every one to fill their cup 3 times if you do 9 gallons of each drink. But if you are hosting outside and its hot i would go with maybe 12 gallons for each And maybe one or 2 case of water.

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