How much Malibu rum would i need to get drunk?

i weigh 105lb and i’m 4″11 and i’ve only been tipsy before on cider, how many glasses would i need to get drunk on malibu?

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i’m asking because i’ve had half of a tall glass of malibu before and not been drunk or tipsy but had a bad head, but i’ve been tipsy on 4 glasses of cider before so i’m confused!

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  • most likely for someone of your size that is a woman, 1 full glass and about halfway through the second you might feel a little tipsy. Full as in 8 oz. It is different for some people but one of my friends about your size(4′ 11, 112 pounds) got totally drunk after 2 full glasses!!

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  • It s impossible to tell. Each person has a differnt tolerence level. I have seen big people get tipsy with only a small glass of that stuff, and big people who can chug it down like its water.Smaller people, like you, tend to get tipsy faster, but also there are aloways those small people who aren’t even fazed. Oh, also depends on the glass size.

  • Salutations,

    I hope you asked this to avoid getting drunk. because in your question it looks like your goal. your system will assimilate about the equivilent of 1 drink an hour. if your going beyond tipsy with the Malibu, have someone you trust along with you. these questions tend to show up alot, and they make me nervous. Take care

  • Malibu is a fruit liquor so it is not as strong as other alcohol like rum or rye. I usually mix it half and half with pineapple juice. You would probably feel the effects after 4 to 6 ounces if you don’t drink often. Just take it slow and stop if you start to slur or feel uncomfortable. Only you can be your own liquor control board !!

  • Why would you want to get drunk? Anyways, you are tiny and you say you have never drank heavy stuff before, so I would think one drink will get you very tipsy, and three drinks will sent you straight to the toilet.

  • ……….it shouldn’t take much if you’re drinking straight glasses of Malibu, but it depends on what you’ve eaten that day, how your blood pressure is, your body temperature, the mixers you’re using… it all depends.

    Malibu isn’t the most potent liquors, but all those high school kids can’t be wrong!!

    Source(s): I’m a bartender!
  • its impossible to say because so much depends on your personal biology, what you have already had to eat and drink that day, if your a boy or girl etc but you should be able to feel something after 2 or 3 shots

  • There is one way to find out,buy a fifth and start drinking

  • tat depends 4m person 2 person but how old r u?

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