how much marijuana would cost 60 dollars?

Drugs dont kill well maybe some but never has one person has died from marijuana

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  • About two weeks worth, depending on usage.

    edit: Depends on the form of it as well i guess.

  • 60 Dollars Of Weed

  • All depends on the quality. If you get really crappy weed you can probably get close to an ounce. If you go for the really good stuff you’ll only get about an 8th of an ounce. Depends where you live too. My calculations are based on the average in america. If you go to Amsterdam where it’s legal you can get alot more than 1/8 of an ounce of the really good stuff for $60.


    about 60 dollars an ounce of shwag. 20 dollars for a gram of KB

  • ok that is an awkardly worded question

    but 60 dollars can get you eighth of some good **** (usually 50/55, chronic ****))

    or a half ounce of some mexican **** (with price cut and a good deal)

    or a quarter of decent **** (fair price, 30/a eighth)

    but those are my standards and they should give you a little extra

  • 1/2 an ounce of garbage or 1/4 of something descent

  • A quarter , well 50-60 depends if its good.. where I live anyways

  • About 5 joints or really good $hit, or about 20 joints of “swag”.

  • Save the money and buy candy or something. You can buy M&M’s for less than a buck so that would be $59.00 in your pocket. Talk about your own Stimulus Package….

  • only like a quarter

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