How much to charge for a Rottweiler stud?

We have a 6 year old full-blooded Rottweiler that we would like to start offering as a stud. The only downside is that he isn't registered. What is a reasonable amount to charge for a stud fee?

Ok sorry for offending so many people. I asked because I didn't know geeze.

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  • CountryGurl, Since your dog is not registered and therefore is not a champion, you will not be able to make any money off stud fees. Reputable breeders who go outside of their kennels do so in order to find a stud that will improve their breeding program. Those breeders would not use an unregistered and unproven stud for breeding. The only breeder that might be interested would be someone who is just a back yard breeder and the most you would get out of them would be pick of the litter and since there are so many poorly bred puppies, I would recommend that you not breed your dog.

  • Rottweiler Stud Service

  • The stud fee is based on the price of a puppy and the quality of the male. If your dog isn't registered, there is really no reason for anyone with a registered female to breed to him. Without papers puppies are a dime a dozen.

    In order to put any titles on your dog, you would need to neuter him to get a P.A.L. number on him. So there is no way to get titles on him. Another negative.

    You will need to have him microchipped or tattooed in order to get his genetic tests. Just because he is not registered, if anyone wants to breed to him, you have a responsibility to be sure he isn't passing on physical problems. After you have the testing done and the results are back, then come back and ask again.

  • "We have a 6 year old full-blooded Rottweiler"

    "The only downside is that he isn't registered."

    You don't. Only dogs worthy of breeding should be used as a Stud. He's not registered, he's older, he likely has no Titles then, and doesn't come from Champion LInes. What about health tests? Has he had his OFA done? And ALL dogs are "full blooded" your dog is nothing special.

  • Unregistered... and therefor can't earn any working or show titles... probably not health tested or temperament tested... I see.

    The "standard" stud fee is the market value of one of the pups from the litter... since I can get a purebred Rott puppy from a rescue group for $100 including all shots, worming, spay/neuter, and being already house trained and started on obedience, I would say that your dog's pups could sell for $25-50 or the cost of their first shots and deworming, so that is a reasonable stud fee.

    This is all assuming that you can find an owner willing to risk his female's life through pregnancy and birth to produce unregistered pups of dubious quality and that you are willing for your dog's puppies to end up with congenital defects, unstable temperaments, and dumped to die in shelters like so many other poorly bred Rotts in this nation.

  • Nothing because you are hopefully going to do the RIGHT thing and have him fixed.

    Who are earth, besides some other scummy breeder with a crap quality *****, do you think is going to want his sperm?

    NO ONE. Certainly not anyone who believes in breeding quality dogs.


    1. Not registered.

    2. No titles, work or show

    3. No health clearances

    4. No pedigree to speak of

    Not being registered is not the only downside.

    Get him fixed or don't but DO NOT BREED.

    youngatheart: Tattooing and/or chipping are not needed for health clearances and screenings.

  • Wow! You all are a bunch of THE MOST untrained humans I have EVER seen! We have registered Rottie, and never act like we're better than anyone else, let alone, act like we gave birth to our canine! I would NEVER breed my Dame with any B*tches owner who had an attitude like the lot of you! No manners, OR etiquette AT ALL! Pfft!

  • i have a register full blooded man rottweiler stud

  • No registration = no breeding

    There are enough crap quality, unregistered, unshown, un-genetic-health-tested, dogs of this breed sitting in the shelter right now. There's no need to add more, nor do people want to pay for a dog who can't even be proven as a purebred.

  • If he's not registered, then you couldn't pay a b*tch's owner to breed with him. If you want to get in the breeding business, get a show-quality AKC or UKC registered dog and go from there.

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