How much water should I drink when taking creatine weighing 150lbs.?

I work out frequently

And maintain healthy exercise with sports.

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  • Almost everyone agrees that water is good for you and that the biggest problem with water intake is that you don’t drink enough. We have all had it drummed into us that we need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. That it’s important to drink water before and during exercise.

    That coffee and tea don’t count because caffeine can dehydrate our bodies. And that you can’t trust your thirst as an accurate measure of when you need water since if you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Well think again. According to a recent review in the Journal of Physiology, most of these accepted truths seem to be myths.

    This review looked at the scientific evidence of the 8*8 mantra � drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, and found that there really was none.

    The claimed benefits of taking in that much water each day, including benefits for weight loss, bowels, fatigue, arthritis, mental alertness and headaches, losing weight, preventing constipation, are also mostly unsubstantiated.

    Other Water Myths That Are Debunked In This Article Include:

    By the time a person is thirsty that person is already dehydrated. This in fact isn’t true and the best measure of how much water to drink is your thirst.

    Dark urine means dehydration. Again that’s not strictly true either as there are many other factors that can contribute to dark urine.

    Caffeinated beverages dehydrate us. As you’d expect much of this is also unsubstantiated. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, a recent study has found that coffee, tea and sodas are hydrating for people used to caffeine and thus should count toward their daily fluid total.

    While this review focuses on the validity of the various water myths, no one seriously disputes that getting enough water is crucial. However, fears of dehydration and the constant barrage telling us we don’t drink enough water, has led to a mistaken belief that the safe thing to do is to drink as much and as often as possible. But drinking too much water can be hazardous to your health.

    Too Much Water?

    The reason why over hydrating can be dangerous is that when we consume large amounts of water when exercising, blood plasma (the liquid part of blood) increases, while the sodium concentration in the body fluids decreases, both as a result of the dilution by the water but also because sodium is lost by sweating.

    Hyponatremia, or low blood sodium, generally happens after drinking too much plain water and can lead to adverse effects and tissue damage, and interfere with brain, heart, and muscle function.

    Early symptoms can be difficult to spot and include:




    Muscle cramps


    More severe symptoms can include vomiting, muscle twitching, delirium, seizures, coma and death.

    A new review of three deaths of US military recruits highlights the dangers of drinking too much water. Like in sports, the military has traditionally focused on dangers of not drinking enough, especially under conditions often associated with exercise and hot conditions. However, getting overzealous over the need to drink large amounts of water and over-hydrating can have deadly consequences.

    So How Much Water Should You Drink.

    My recommendation is to drink when you’re thirsty, and if you think you should be drinking more, don’t overdo it. As far as drinking water in and around exercise, I’ve outlined a few simple guidelines that will make sure you’re well hydrated without hitting any extremes.

    Within an hour or so of training, drink a few glasses of water so you start well hydrated. While training you can drink a glass or so of water for every 15 minutes you train, especially if you’re sweating it out.

    However, even during times of heavy sweating don’t take in more than a quart and half of water per hour. As far as how much your daily intake of water should be, The American College of Sports Medicine that 12 quarts is the maximum amount to drink in a 24-hour period.

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    How much water should I drink when taking creatine weighing 150lbs.?


    Take 5 grams everyday for the rest of your life, the timing is NOT important! Also you do NOT have to cycle it like the supplement companies say, that is just a scam to get you to but more creatine. To get bigger just make sure you are progressively getting stronger each workout, for example if you did 150lbs for 3×10 one week, try to do 155lbs for 3×10 the next. Also creatine is not harmful for your kidneys, it is one of the most studied supplements ever and has been proven to be very safe. Although you should still be drinking plenty of water a day wheather you are on creatine or not!

  • Its easy to get dehydrated on creatine! Make sure you have at least 1/2 your bodyweight in oz’s of water everyday! (150lbs, take 75 fl oz’s) plus another 8 oz glass for every 2 grams of creatine.

  • Drink 1 pint of water with every dose! Water makes sense for an athlete and most of us are guilty of consuming way too little. In an ideal world we should drink 4-5pints of water a day. It will benefit us and also benefit the CM we are taking. The extra water will help maximise the effects of the CM.

    Recommended dosage:

    141lbs to 168lbs = 6-7.5 grams per day is maintenance

  • well as for creatine you dont have to drink alot of extra water it is gonna effect the same either way but yes the daily recommended value is great to but in every day terms i say drink enough so that you dont get thirsty because if you are thirsty you have already waited to late and your body needs it.

  • well first, have u seen the med. reports on creatine?

    anyway, aim for as close to a gallon a day as u can stomache. if you drink(alc.) then u prettymuch sabatoging your effors to drink the right ammount of water, add another 1/2 of the proper amount of water if u feel the need to drink.

  • Most of the time you should drink 3-4 glasses 8oz of water a day, unless you are working out, sports etc.

  • A good minimum is half your body weight in ounces of water. So you need at least 75 oz of pure water every day. Good luck!

  • I’ve always been told.. 6-9 12oz glasses of H2O! I do it every day, and man it really helps!

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