How much would it cost to replace a transmission pump?

Im looking to buy a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse from my friend. its a v6 automatic slap stick 4 speed. he said the motor runs but transmission wont go into gear. he had it checked out and the shop said the pump in the transmission needs replaced. how much would that cost? or would the whole tranny need rebuilt?

@Rowdy- He said that the pump is cracked. he didn’t clarify what “pump” was cracked so im assuming it the one you are talking about.

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  • the transmission has to come out a shop will pull the pump off and check the trans for any damage and then recommend what to do. pumps do not crack only way it would “crack” is if it has some damage due to him hitting or running over something in the road thus also doing damage to the case my opinion is to walk on this one or talk him into lowering his price this can go from a simple pump leak to a major overhaul so your guesstimate will be between 1000.00 to 2500.00 dollars

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  • I’ll cheerfully assume you mean the front pump in the transmission. The transmission has to be taken out of the car and the new pump installed. This is one of those jobs where the labor cost is way more than the parts cost.

    Kinda strange,I used to be a Mitsu parts manager and I can’t ever recall a front pump going bad. A trans filter that is plugged will keep the car from going into gear though. I’d want another shop or a Mitsu trans guy to look at it for me before I blew all my dough on a repair I may not need.

  • I have a 2003 ford windstar with 113,000 original miles on it and all of a sudden, the van did not want to into gear and go forward or reverse so I need an opinion what could be wrong?

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