how old does petco sell ferrets?

im going to be a frist time ferret owner and i want a little baby ferret and I can only buy from a pet store i want one really young so i can play with it and dosent die so kwick and i need ferret names real cute


also i really want one i need some info with it i want a baby ferret with in 14 weeks to 5 months do petco sell them that young

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  • Most times the ones at Petcos are younger ferrets. You can ask the people there, they may or may not have a clue (I've found most people working there know absolutely NOTHING, occasionally others have a clue). I also think it sounds like you should do a little more research on ferrets before you decide to buy one. They can live for many years when taken care of properly and be very playful, you don't want one too young, it needs to stay with its parents and siblings just like any other animal to learn how to be a good ferret. They're also into everything and need to be properly supervised when out of their cage.

  • Ferrets from Petco run about 120-150 dollars. One good thing about Petco is that they have weight and age restrictions. ALL animals that Petco receives must meet those standards. Petco also has a 'resident vet' so to speak which looks in on all of the animals received and any that a customer brings back which is ill. This is part of the stores own personal guarantee and not Marshall Farms. The two shouldn't be confused.

    Before even thinking of names you should look around for some basic info and even see if you have a ferret-worthy vet in your area. Here are some sites which I like and that have been helpful...

    Ferrets are not 'easy' pets. Please make sure you know what you are getting into.

    Good luck on your decision!

  • All PetCo/Petsmart ferrets come from a ferret mill (like a doggy mill yet for ferrets) referred to as Marshall Farms. Marshall Farms spays/neuters and descents all ferrets in the previous they go away their facility at about 12 weeks (it truly is honestly too quickly). they'll tattoo 2 dots interior their ear after the technique. As for a way previous the ferret will be once you purchase it, that relies upon on how lengthy it really is been on the puppy keep. you receives a beginning certificate once you purchase the ferret. BTW, do no longer purchase Marshall ferret nutrition. it really is not a sturdy nutrition. attempt Zupreem or EVO instead to make effective your hairy is wholesome.

  • Never buy a ferret under 12 weeks old, never buy just one, they don't like living in solitary confinement.

    "i want one really young so i can play with it and dosent die so kwick"

    How long do you think ferrets live?

    My present old jill is 11 in February 08

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