How on earth do you pronounce the name Rhys?

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  • Reese is the correct pronunciation.

    Rhys is a surname or given name of Welsh Origin that translates to the word Ardour, meaning Eagerness, Love and Passion.

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    How on earth do you pronounce the name Rhys?

  • Depending on the individual it can be like “Riss” or “Reese.”

    The current, and tragic story of a little boy shot to death in England has it pronounced “Reese” Jones, but spelled Rhys.

    However the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers tends to pronounce it “Riss.”

    Ask the individual which they prefer, rather than guess at it; they will appreciate your taking the trouble to find out.

  • I have a cousin with a son called Rhys and they pronounce it Reese.

  • My step sons name is Rhys. His father pronounced it “Rise” going with the long vowel sound for the y.

  • As others have said, it’s usually pronounced “Reese”, though I know of at least one family named Rhys that pronounces it “Rice”.

  • Pronounce the “Y” like a double E, which would give you what sounds like Reese.

  • reese (like the peanut butter cup)

    if you want some welsh pronunciation lessons, (rhys is a welsh name), go to:

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