How tall is a standard door?

What’s the height of the door frame to its outer edge and the door itself?

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  • In the UK the standard door height is six foot six inches.

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    How tall is a standard door?

    What’s the height of the door frame to its outer edge and the door itself?

  • The standard height for a US door is 6′-8″, or 80″. When framing in a rough opening, a good rule of thumb is to allow 2″ extra in height and 2″ extra in width. This gives you enough room to adjust the head to be level, allow for flooring, and to shim the jambs plumb. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Hope this helps.

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  • 95% of all doors require a *rough opening height of 82+1/2″ from the subfloor to the bottom of the header framing at the top of the door opening. Windows should be the same – that way the tops of the doors and windows on the outside walls of a home look uniform.

    The *rough opening width and height allow some roof for not only the door itself, but also the frame and a little room to allow for adjustments or shims to be placed behind the frame to get the frame and door plumb (vertically correct) and level (horizontaly correct).

    The other door height used is 7′ or 84″ for the door, and add 2″ to this for frame and adjustment which equals 86″. This is mainly for commercial hollow metal doors/frames. This allows a little extra height for the installation of a door closer up at the top area of the door.

    Your standard widths for residential doors are 2’6″ bathrooms,linen closets, 2’8″ bedrooms and back doors, 3’0″ front doors,utility room doors(allows movement in and out for washer/dryer.

    As a rule doors should always swing into the room vs, swinging out into a hallway. Exterior doors should always swing into the house also.

    *remember you always need to check the wall thickness when purchasing a door. If it is thicker than 4+9/16″ for and interior door, you will need to add some thin strips of lumber to one side of the door frame to make it flush with the wall on both sides.

    To order the correct swing on a door stand in the middle of the door opening with one leg in each room, put your back up to the side of the opening you want the door to hinge on. Now if the door swings to the left (hold your left arm out and pretend it’s the door) then you order a left hand door. If your outstretched right arm is the better choice, then you need to order a right hand door. Usually the light switch for a room will help you decide which way to swing (hinge) the door. You never should have to reach behind an opening door to turn on the light switch.

  • Building code at least the time I was building required a head hight of 6′-8″ minimum. Anything less than that was an automatic red tag.

  • 2.100 standard door

  • a standard door in uk is 78″…6.ft 6″..the frame a further 1″ -1″and half max

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