how tall is nba commissioner David Stern?

He looks like a midget compared to the draftees

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  • Stern is 5’7. That is not a midget, I assume. You have to remember he is standing up against people who are 6’3 or above.

  • David Stern is a good for nothing Nazi that has fixed so many playoff series over the years at the expense of great small market teams that are of championship caliber. For, those of which can generate more money. I agree with Rasheed Wallace something I do not do often that the NBA is turning into the WWE. How I long for the NBA on NBC or of what used to be when I first started watching the NBA in 1993. It seems the fall of the NBA took a turn for the worst in 2001 and got worse ever after. Michael Jordan is partially to blame. He is indeed the greatest SG of all-time and had his way with my favorite team the New York Knicks. I as a die hard fan can agree to this. However, Michael Jordan forever changed the rules of the NBA for the worst. Michael Jordan could not be breathed on without being a foul and ever after MJ dominated the NBA has become a player’s league rather than a team one where superstars are favored by the refs, media, fan base, etc. This isn’t how it should be the NBA fans become more and more dimwitted by the day with trade proposals they make trying to bring an influx of stars on their team. When a team of good players that play hard can become NBA Finals contenders and beat a star studded team any day of the week. It seems Stern and the NBA Fans have lost side of this and would rather care for ratings and star play. Ever since MJ was favored by the league defense in today’s game is practically nonexistent only a few teams in the NBA bring their A effort on the defensive end on a nightly basis and again the foul calling in today’s game is completely ridiculous, so is the superstar getting the better of other players

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    how tall is nba commissioner David Stern?

    He looks like a midget compared to the draftees

  • He is being compared to mutants who are close to 7 feet tall!! Actually, he is fairly short.

  • Nick Dove and Jamie Williams asked the same question. You should see their answers side by side.

  • im not sure but man he looks o timy standing next to all those new players

  • really short did u c hm next 2 Morrison?

  • Three apples high!

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