How to Become a Sub-Broker/Franchisee ?

we are plan to start stock sub- brokership, so any body share more details with us.


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  • If you want to start your own stock Sub broking / Franchise Business, you will need to follow some steps that will ensure a smooth business flow. As long as you’re able to fulfill with the requirements and the NCFM certification needed, than you can open your new broking business.

    Are you interested in becoming a stock sub-broker? Firstly, you sound knowledge in Stock Broking Industries; at list holding education a min. 10th pass and pass all required NCFM Certification. Than Start your Sub-Broking /Franchisee Business with good contact with trading group/ Client who trade regularly with other Broker. If you worked with any stock Sub-Broker or Broking Company, Added advantage for you to set up your own Sub-Broking Business. This is also an excellent way to meet a lot of potential investors.


    You will be required a small office min. 200Sq.ft. Have a Pentium Dual Core or I Core PC and Hi-speed Broad Band Connection.

    Get Client Base:-

    For client search just find them through your friends and relatives, you will find 5 to 10 within them. If you get around 10+ clients who are regularly trade, also try to make good contact with trading group/ Client who trade regularly with other Broker. Add 4-5 new clients per month for growing fast.

    Take Min. Margin from Client:-

    Don’t forget to take deposit of around Rs. 25,000/- to 1Lakh min. as margin deposit from clients. After three month normal Sustainable Client size is 15+ and have an average Rs. 50,000/- to 1 Lakh Margin Money in each client.

    Your Educational Matters:-

    You have min. 10th Pass and Ready to Qualify all required NCFM Certification. Need Min.6 month Stock Broking working experience. Then you start Your Sub-Broking /Franchisee Business.

    Refundable Securities Deposit:-

    You will require min. Rs.50, 000/- Refundable Securities Deposit to broker for Best RMS Support. (This is not a Mandatory)

    Sub-Broker Registration Fee:-

    Ready to pay registration fee for sub-broker (it is for 5year term).

    Day to day Expanse:-

    Around Rs.10, 000/-to 20,000/- for your monthly bills like rent, light bills, phone bills, internet rent.

    Keep All Cost in advance of 3 month for your convenience if you are not able to get sustainable clients size.

    Target Daily Turnover:-

    You are able to find 10 or more clients who trade daily. You need total daily turnover around 1-2 Crore in Cash and F&O, brokerage will be around Rs.2500/- Your sustain label. Also won’t be any worry for client’s settlement or delivery.

    Client Pay-IN Pay-OUT:-

    Client holds a same bank of Broker than get pay-out current working day. Other banks Account need one working day for pay-out.

    Payout Brokerage:-

    Your Broker releases your brokerage every month between 10-15th, after deducting all expanses.

    We can help to Setup your Franchisee:-

    If you want to become Stock Broking DSA/SUB BROKER/FRENCHISES/JV, we are open to shake hand with you at negotiated terms. Plz

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  • Sub Broker Franchise

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  • For all companies, it is not necessary to register a company or office space to become sub broker.

    You can start individually,Some charge Security deposit and some offer ZERO deposit!

    We offer, ZERO Deposit Sub Brokership at lowest Brokerage charges in Commodity and Stock both!

    For commodity charges very low with Unlimited Exposure!,

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  • How to apply for sub-brokership in another country? like Vietnam?

  • Is it compulsory to pass all segment courses mentioned in NCFM

  • my plan to start brokershi in stock market please give us details [email protected] +91-8421404464

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