How to convert russian bra sizes?

Hello, i want to buy some lingerie for my russian girlfriend, she told me that her size, accoring to russian bra sizes is size 2, but i dont know how to convert this into british sizes. Can you help me? thank you!

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  • Well according to the Victoria’s Secret Bra chart…

    A size 2 would be: a small, 30B, 32A, 32B.

    The size 2 in the book is an Italian size, but I am guessing that they are probably the same. The 30B, 32A, 32B size is American, I don’t know if it is the same for British sizing. Good luck.

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  • So, I am in a similar situation as you…I too have a Russian girlfriend and I am fond of buying lingerie for her as well.

    Luckily for both of us, she gave me a souvenir (a Russian bra) that still has all the tags attached. Luckier still, for you, she is the same size.

    So here ya go!

    Russian size: 75A

    UK size: 32A

    EU size: 70A

    FR size: 85A

    IT (Italian size): 2A

    US size: 32A

  • I think bra size 2 is italian standard, because as long as I know for russian is in metrics..Well if your girl friend’s bra size is 2 ( a/b/c/d ) it means in UK 34 (a/b/c/d), you have to ask her about the cup size a/b/c/d…..goodluck

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