How to convince my 240 lb, 76 year old grandpa to not get full knee replacement?

The reason for his right knee hurting is, I believe his weight. Most of his body seems pretty fit (his legs and knees are thin), but his stomach is very large. The other day his other knee was hurting after we took him to a restaurant where he had to walk no more than half a block non-stop. I really believe that knee surgery is not a miracle cure especially for someone in his condition, and soon enough the other knee will start complaining. He is not at all quick to exercise though, complaining that it affects his heart….

He’s currently taking around 20 different medications. He suffers from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other things I’m not familiar with I’m sure, plus he takes several medications that are to prevent things like asthma, tuberculosis, prostate cancer, etc.

As you know, doctors are always quick to approve/recommend surgery. My grandpa seems to always do what doctors say and not what anyone else recommends. Is there a website or do you know how i should approach him?

2 Answers

  • Its really his decision, Its hard for some one who cant walk and is that old to lose weight. He needs to talk to others who have had this done. Several of the ones I know love it, but others less so. Again, he needs to carfelly evaluate and make the decision himself.

  • My 77 year old 275 lb father had double knee surgery done a few years ago and said he wish he never had it. Both knees are really hurting again now and he is doing everything to avoid more surgery. He gets injections and they help for a while. He knows he needs to lose weight, but it is not easy. Maybe see if some of your grandfather’s friends, neighbors, relatives have had knee surgery and talk to them to get their input.

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