how to cut through a bobby pin with regular scissors!?

I need to cut a bobby pin in half and I am not strong enough to bend it back and forth and I don’t have special scissors to cut through them I need an answer I am in desperate need!

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  • pliers will let you bend it. It adds leverage. If you don’t have household pliers, you should get some. Another way would be to wedge the bobby pin in a drawer to the place you need to break it, and then bend it back and forth with a block of wood or something, maybe a mallet that has a rubber or plastic head.

  • Hello Echo,

    it would be the easiest if you have a diagonal cutter plier lying around your house. the cutter plier looks like this…

    you can easily cut the bobby pin with this type of cutter.

    alternatively, if a cutter plier is not available, you will need to extend the length of the bobby pin to make it easier to grip and longer legs mean you will have to apply lesser force.

    you can use old ball point pens, or even the pen caps to separate the two prongs of the bobby pin and pull them apart. or you can push a wide knife between the bobby pin prongs then twist the knife to separate the prongs apart.

    once the prongs of the bobby pin are separated wide enough to hold one prong at a time, you can widen the pin by pushing it against anything with a hard edge (make sure the pin doesn’t scratch or damage whatever you’re pushing it against).

    after this, you can use a hammer or a stone, or anything heavy and hard enough to flatten the pin’s round end. do it a few times and you can easily break the bobby pin in half.

    why not get help from someone with strong enough fingers to bend it back and forth and break it… i’m sure it will only take a minute…

  • if you have two pairs pliers you can grab half way on bobby pin and twist back fourth as close you can to the half way mark till it breaks. if you have garden loppers or wire cutters sometimes they can cut them. tiny piece of coat hanger wont work steal one how bout paper clip?

  • your scissors are made to cut any fabrics and paper not metal. Use a pair of pliers made for cutting metal.

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