How to disguise a snowboard for Christmas present?

I bought a snowboard, bindings, and boots for my fiance for Christmas and he has absolutely no idea. He REALLY wants this but he’s convinced he can’t get it because we’re tight on money, so we aren’t exchanging.

Anyway, when he opens it, I don’t want him to know from the box that it’s a snowboard. I remember one year we bought a ring for my cousin, and we put it in a VCR box and weighed it down with books to trick her.

I wanna do something like this to my fiance, but I cant think of what I could try to disguise it as. A snowboard it a pretty obvious size and shape. What kind of box could I get? Or what way could I try and trick him? Haha. Thanks for any ideas!

6 Answers

  • saw in half, then wrap it. that’ll blow his mind!

  • Go to best buy and get a old refrigerator box. Or an auto parts store-they may have a giant box.

    Wrap it–put the boots etc in other boxes, Big giant boxes. Maybe number them.

    Make him work for them a little.

    At truck rental places you can buy enormous boxes, but they will cost you a bundle.

    Have fun.

  • get a box life for a 50 something inch plasma tv that would mount on a wall, I think that they would be about the same thickness or even an entertainment center box and weight it down like that.

  • hmm.

    get an old fridge box and wrap everything seperartly and put it all in the box

    then wrap up the box :]

    he will probably think it’s a fridge xD


  • add some snowboarding gear. gloves, mask, wax, boots, jacket, pants… and put it all in a weird shape and wrap it!

  • get a hugeeee boxx

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