How to drink something nasty and taste it as little as possible?

Besides plugging the nose.

lol no, not Jager. Not any kind of alcohol. Will be fulfilling a losing bet this week. I've been told what I will be drinking tastes what one might imagine roadkill to taste like.

I was thinking a straw might help too....maybe?

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  • Don't breathe out right away or quickly add something that tastes good into your mouth after, you could water it down, blend it with something else, add sweetener to it or even lemon juice.

    What are you drinking??

  • No straw, gulp it as fast as you can without breathing. A lot of taste is actually done by the nose, so if you won't smell it you won't taste it as much.

    Also, what about using some Chloraseptic before you drink it? It's an over the counter medicine used to help with sore throats. It's got a pretty strong flavor and it numbs your mouth some when you use it.

  • hm, well you don't physically have to plug your nose but try holding your breath. Watering it down might work but that just increases the amount of it. If it's alcoholic, try using a chaser. Drink something you like, like juice or soda a lil before the "nasty thing" and then some after.

  • its better if you dont use a straw.

    try gulping it down really fast so you wont have to deal with it that long

    then hold your breath 😀

    it works for meee, but then after i drink it,

    the taste is all over my mouth D:

  • Cranberry juice. It drowns out the taste of everything else. Especially if you use 100% cranberry juice instead of the juice cocktail. It's killer.

  • Haha you must be referring to my friend jager.


  • ahh okay this is what I did now and...just hold your breathe and chug it as fast as u can no stopping if u stop u will regret it and u will vomit after drink something sweet and good or not u will ******* vomit like I feel now ahhhhhh anyway goodluck really.....

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