How to find a boyfriend/guy friend(Singapore)?

Hi i live in Singapore and am keen to get a bf/ guy friend at least because im now in a girls school so no chance of meeting boys there. and i really miss some guy company since i was from a mixed school. i’m 13. i want to have a sec 1~3 kind,friendly,cute/cool/handsome guy but not a pervert! :/ considering online bfs/guy friends too because its unlikely i can meet many guys outside school. any advice/takers? 😀

2 Answers

  • hi, easiest and safest way is to join interest groups like martial art group or or language class from your CC.

    if you’d like something more straightforward, you can try to post an ad in classified like craigslist.

    however, you are still so young. just take it easy, don’t rush it, just take your time to find the perfect guy as your bf.

  • You probably can’t go to bars and clubs to make new friends so I suggest going to other places where there are guys like the ones you refer to. i.e. Mall, Beach and school clubs that interact with boys schools like the Rotract club if you have one there.

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