how to fix a crooked navel piercing?

I got my belly button piercing done 6 months ago. Mine is not healed all the way, I can tell it will be a few more months but it is getting there.

I'm not so sure to called it crooked but here is my dellema.

My ring keeps turning to the right side. It is like rolling over to the right side. I try to turn it back into the center so the jewlery looks straight. When I do this it will stay there for a bit but then later on I'll check again and it will be back flipped on its right side. Is there any way to prevent this. When someone else looks at it (i check in the mirror) when its on its right side it still looks at center but I can tell by looking down at it that it is on the right side and now center/straight. It bothers me. I DO NOT want to get it repeirced so please do not suggest that.


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  • It is because of the shape of your stomach. This is normal. Only people this probably doesn't happen to are super flat stomachs. Don't worry, look for lighter materials, like plastic, which won't move as much. You could get one at the same angle on the other side. It is likely not completly straight because it has taken so long to heal, there is a lot of scar tissue formed under the skin.

    It is yours and unique, no one is even noticing, act like you want it like that!

  • Ahh that's called 'docking.' It's very common with navel piercings. I know it sounds silly, but try using medical tape and taping it to the opposite side, and leaving it that way while you sleep, etc. It has been like that for 6 months so it basically is healed, and may not ever change. But you can try ! Also, if you get jewelry that has something pretty heavy hanging off the bottom (a very dangly belly ring) It may weigh down the bottom to the center so it won't roll over as much !

  • I'm having a similar problem, my tattoo artist didnt use a clamp. my plan is to let it heal fully, take it out and re pierce where I need the whole to be with some of my piercing box supplies. go to a tattoo shop and see what they can do to correct it

  • Ahahaha. I have the same problem. But it goes to my left. I think as long as no one else notices you shouldn't worry.(:

  • Me too

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