How to fix spring loaded plastic garbage can!?

Anyone know how to fix a rubbermaid plastic garbage lid that has springs? It fell on floor and the springs came off and don’t know how to fix it. I’m such a girl!!

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  • The springs used are “torsion” springs. They have a round, coil part and 2 straight “legs”. The coil should go around a pin of some kind and the legs should hook behind a catch of some kind, (these are located on the can and lid and the pin should be towards the back and the catches toward the front of the garbage can). If the pin or the catches were broken off when the lid hit the floor, you can’t fix it.

    If everything’s there, squeeze the legs together til they are roughly parallel and wrap them with a small rubber band so they stay that way. Place the spring coil around the pin, (as described above), and place the legs so that the catches will “catch” them and snip the rubber band. You may be able to do this all just with your hands and not need the rubber band, so much the better. Good Luck.

  • I am having the same problem. The spring to my Sterilite Click top lid came off. I still have the spring but I cannot figure out how to reattach it. I tried to follow above instructions, but I think I need a diagram because I don t see how the spring attaches to the lid, to work.

  • Sterlite Trash Cans

  • Yes that worked – thank you very much Ironmike.

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