how to get ckc papers on a dog?

i have an american bulldog and the people i got her from know shes full blood but they never had any papers and i was wondering how you would go about getting the papers for her

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  • Since the parents weren’t registered, the pups can’t be registered with any LEGITIMATE registry. All papers do for any registry- scam or not- is say I’m registered with this kennel club. Oh and you have to pay for that. If you are not going to show or do any dog related event, then theres really no need for that.The Canadian Kennel club won’t register any pup from an unregistered parents- there’s no 100% proof that both dogs are PUREBRED. I’ve seen THOUSANDS of crossbreeds like IDENTICAL to one of their purebred parents.

    The Continental Kennel club is a puppy mill registry- they will register ANY thing for money! Puppy mills and backyard scumbag breeders use them to register pups that have no registered parents- meaning they will register mutts as a “Purebred” for MONEY! All it takes is a few “photos” and a few statements saying “this dog is a purebred____”. Which can be easily FAKED. I’ve seen backyard breeders send in photos of purebred dogs to get their mutt registered as a purebred- they borrowed a neighbors dog. I’ve heard of dogs that were stolen registered by CKC. I would never shame my dog into humiliation my dog by registering it with such a crappy registry!

    If you want papers to do dog events with her, try the AKC purebred alernative listing program.

    The dog HAS to be spayed/neutered though and they need a statement from the


    Read more here:

    This is the closest to anything REPUTABLE that you will get with a pup from unregistered parents. Enjoy her as a pet. Papers don’t promise quality- its the breeder that has quality dogs or not quality dogs. I’ve had many dogs that came with AKC/UKC papers and didn’t register them- I had other proof of ownership. I don’t show or do dog agility/sports so therefore I don’t breed. Only a few of my dogs had been registered. I don’t see the need to send in money to get my dogs registered. I know they are purebred. I know who the parents were. That’s enough for me, as a pet owner.

  • Ckc Papers

  • By CKC do you mean the continental kennel club or the canadian kennel club? The continental kennel club is a scam registry created by puppy mills so they would have some pretty papers to give the morons who buy their puppies. If so, registering your dog with this registry really proves nothing. If the breeder of your dog does not have papers for both of the parents and didn’t register the litter when they had them there is no way for you to legitimately register your dog.

    CKC will accept any registration as long as you send a picture of the dog with the application, which I don’t know what some guy looking at a picture of your dog and filling out a form proves.

    Only legit registry is the AKC.

  • It’s PUREBRED. Google Canadian Kennel Club. If the litter wasn’t registered, you cannot obtain registration papers. OOPS, guess it’s NOT the Canadian Kennel Club since you are in the states? CKC is the Continental Kennel Club, a bogus registry made up for puppy mills and unreputable backyard greeders. They’ll register ANYTHING, The registration certificate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Should have done some homework before purchasing a dog from someone like this. What do papers matter since you’ll be spaying when she’s old enough?

  • Is the parents of this dog registered? If not then forget about registering this dog with any kennel club. To register with any kennel club even the infamous ckc( will register rats) the parents of the dog must also be registered, and if breeder didn’t give you the registration papers on puppy parents aren’t registered

    Call the breeder and ask her if parents was and how can you get papers if they are.

    For Bobbie L, who said she is in the states? and who said you can’t have a dog registered with Canadian Kennel Club if you live in states? I have 3 with triple registrations. With AKC, CanKC and also UKC from England. Although one of them is now retired she is still registered.

    Just goes to show you some people only think they know every thing.

  • I bought a pup and the breeder lost the papers, but I knew she is purebred so I did a DNA test on her, it showed 3 generations on both the mother and father and she is a PUREBRED yorkie. So I sent the DNA report & 3 pictures of her in to the CKC ( the Continental club) they then sent me a questionnaire form. I had to provide height, weight and 5 pictures, different angles of her as an adult, she was then determined to be purebred and was registered. I know with AKC you don t have to do DNA or send pictures, it s just if you have papers, and as we all know there are scammers out their and they can fake & fraud you on just about anything, so the only way to know if your dog is purebred is to do DNA, CKC has really changed their criteria and with my experience are a reputable registry. If you truly believe your dog is purebred and want to register her try they steps I took.

  • You can’t. If the breeder did not register the litter, there is nothing you can do now. The best you can do is get papers in order to show the dog in AKC obedience trials.

  • if you wanted a dog that was papered then you should have made sure that both the mother and father were papered before agreeing to get the puppy. You’re out of luck, sorry.

  • need paper work on registering 2 females

  • Hope this helps!

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