how to get copies of pictures taken at Walmart Portrait Studio?

i have original Portrait Order Receipt. Has each picture taken, receipt has the Chain No., Studio No., Weeek No., Roll No., Customer No., Code No.,

We lost my sons father 4 years ago. When my son was little he and his father went walmart had pictures togethere taken. No one seems to have copy would love to surprise my son with Copy of him and his dad togethere

3 Answers

  • I highly recommend to do as Pearl said – go ask Walmart, they know for sure.

  • You must go to Walmart for copies.  Why?  Because it is illegal for you or anyone other than the copyright holder to copy photographs. Yes, it’s a picture that you paid for, and it may even have you in it, but that is irrelevant.  The law is: Whoever takes the shot owns the copyrights even without filing for a copyright. 

    It is very likely that Walmart can make a copy for you by simply scanning the image, or maybe they’ve got a copy of the original image on file.  However, if Walmart won’t or can’t make a copy, then you must get a signed copyright release form; this is common practice, so they should have the form.  Taking the photo to some other place will likely not work because the image is copyright protected.  But, if you have the release, then anyone will gladly make a copy.

  • talk to walmart about it

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