How to get more hours at work?

I work about 16hrs per week (part time), at a coffee shop. I am not complaining, I’m very glad I get that many per week. However, I would like perhaps a few more a week, somewhere around 20ish, but I feel as if asking them would be rude and unnecessary. Any tips, suggestions, experiences?

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  • It is not rude, it shows initiative. However, you could also tell all your co-workers that you are willing to take any of their shifts if they want to skip a shift.

    Keep in mind the boss may not want you to do that, and it would be the boss’s call in the long run,

    Really the best option is to talk to the boss, tell him you will take shifts at the last minute (if someone calls in sick etc), be flexible.

  • Another 16 hours a month would make a big difference to you. You could plan to use that for new things.

    4 hours a week is not a lot to a business.

    So, what I suggest is that you work both 101% really hard and also be flexible when you work.

    Then you will have the power to be able to suggest that they need you — to help increase business, by making customers want to return for the good service and atmosphere, and also that you will be able to help out when it gets busy.

    Then you may be on 25 hours a week before long! (too much?!)

  • Evening hours

  • If I were you, and I wanted to get more hours, I would go to speak to my boss. I would tell him/her that I really enjoy working for them, and would love to get a bit more time. I would ask them to keep me in mind for extra shifts that come up, or any other opportunities. Then I would thank them, and leave the office. They will remember your initiative, and hopefully, add hours to your schedule because of it!

  • I’d quit.

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